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We were honored to welcome on June 6th Ben and his daughter Gail to Munich.

Ben has long been a hero of mine, thanks to his incredible will to survive every horror that the Nazis threw at him

And because he built a great life in the USA after that, and because he has spent the last 27 years tirelessly telling the world about the Holocaust, about why and how it happened – and about what it has to teach us.

Here’s what Ben has to say about the Stolpersteine.

“I am so grateful for the Stolpersteine. I am so glad that they exist, that I can place them for my many family members from Poland and the Ukraine that were murdered in the death camps.

“Because the Stolpersteine give me, us some place to go to be with them – the places where they lived prior to being dragged off to the death camps. The Stolpersteine are what survives of them: their identities. It is a wonderful, moving project”, h says.

To ensure that the world never forgets, Ben founded the Zachor Foundation “(“Zachor” is Hebrew for remembrance) and gives lectures. To date, this 89 year-old has addressed more than half a million people.

Moving news report on Ben and his visit to the Stolpersteine:


On the Zachor Foundation:


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