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The largest remembrance movement ever


73,000 of these “stumbling stones” …

in 1,600 cities

.in 26 countries

Each Stolperstein: for a victim of the Nazis –

Jew, Sinti and Roma, gay, “euthanasia” victim and others

Each Stolperstein: placed in front of victim’s home..

.by family, friends, residents, peer groups

Each Stolperstein: researched and ordered by local organizations – 1,600 Europe-wide

The Stolpersteine: created and placed by Gunter Demnig

Each Stolperstein: manufactured by hand in Berlin

The Stolpersteine: world-wide role model

America’s “Stopping Stones”: for millions of slaves

The Stolpersteine: our bulwark against forgetting

The Stolpersteine: our bulwark against genocide, racism and hatred

We will never forget. Never. Ever. Not a single victim.

For further information:

Terry Swartzberg


(+49-170) 473 35 72

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