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    Israel loves the Stolpersteine! In a tour organized and faciliated by Terry Swartzberg, Gunter Demnig gave lectures on the Stolpersteine at the prestigious Hebrew and Bar Ilan Universities, participated in the project “Art of Commemoration” with Israeli teachers of the arts and their student at a kibbutz, and interacted with Holocaust survivors and the young at two get-togethers for Yom HaShoa.

    Gunter Demnig and the Stolpersteine were also the headlining story on Israel’s leading news broadcast on Yom HaShoa.

    Very moving: the get-together staged by the Museum of Holocaust Art at Yad Vashem, at which the Stolpersteine team briefed the museum’s staff – headed by curator Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg – on the movement.

    “Israel’s support for the Stolpersteine is so heartening and overwhelming. Especially gratifying: the interest by the country’s young. Israeli high school students are partnering with their counterparts in Germany in staging projects on the Stolpersteine. Classes going to Auschwitz and other death camps will follow that up by attending placements of Stolpersteine. L’dor vador – from generation to generation – the remembrance of the Holocaust is being kept alive – by the Stolpersteine,” states Terry Swartzberg, the Munich-based ethical campaigner.

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